Thinking of going solar? These may be some of the questions you have:


  • With so many manufacturers of PV panels now, how can you decide which PV panels are the most efficient, weather-resistant and the best overall value?

  • Is my property well-suited to installation of PV?

  • Do I have the time to meet with many solar salesmen and installers to understand the many options and get the best value?

  • How long does it take for PV panels to pay for themselves?

  • Would purchasing panels or working through a power purchase agreement provide the best returns on a solar investment?

To help home owners answer these questions and make the adoption of solar power easier, the Pathways Energy's Team is here for you.


With a solar broker, you have a single contact who guides you through the whole process, saving you time and frustration, and money.


 We act as an independent agent instead of a direct-sell company that markets and sells directly to the end-customer.


In contrast to a salesperson who represents one solar installer, Pathways Energy works with many solar manufacturers, installers and lenders to provide you the greatest quality of choices.

Quality Assurance With Pathways Energy

When you make significant purchases you expect that the process, people and professionalism will be there to make sure that your purchase goes exactly to your expectations and that no mistakes are made which might compromise satisfaction....I would recommend Pathways Energy without reservation.                           John H, Santa Rosa CA

What Is A Solar Broker?


The solar broker is an independent agent who works on your behalf. They make it easier for you to navigate the solar purchasing process by finding installers based on your specific search criteria. We also help you get the best solar system, installed at the best price. Our services are done at no cost to you.

Why Use A Solar Broker Services?


Typically people must  contact solar installers themselves and interview them to decide which installer seems to provide the best value.  A solar broker makes the whole process easier, operating like real estate agents who help customers find their dream house at the best price.