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What our clients are saying about us

/// Jeff and Ginger Clark


The Clarks weren't happy with their high energy bills so they attended a solar seminar.


They walked out being more confused than they started, thinking they needed more solar panels than they really did. 


Pathways measured their roof, put the project out to bid, and made sure they selected a properly sized solar system with a reputable contractor.


"Infineon Raceway solicited several bids from solar companies for a variety of solar projects under consideration at the raceway grounds.


As each bid was prepared and presented differently, each with it's own unique equipment and sizing parameters, it was difficult to determine which one would best suit our needs.


We hired Barry Cogbill from Pathways Energy to help us review the bids and understand the differences in the offerings. Barry answered all of our questions and analyzed each proposal's pros and cons.


Within a short time, we had a much clearer understanding of what our options are, and have been able to proceed confidently with our solar projects."

///Sara Grafals - VP Finance & Administration - Infineon Raceway

"Barry is a true solar ambassador and tireless in his commitment to educating the community on the benefits of solar technology.


His deep understanding of the specific industry, financing, and real estate issues in the North Bay, allow him to truly understand the complexities of a project and develop the optimal solution for his clients.


His genuine personality, honest delivery and team attitude exemplify his work ethic and commitment to solar energy."

///Heath Hutchison
Marketing Operations Manager at REC Solar

I had a great experience with Pathways Energy, Inc. When you make significant

purchases you expect that the process, people and professionalism will be

there to make sure that your purchase goes exactly to your expectations and

that no mistakes are made which might compromise satisfaction.


My rep, Craig Carlock was excellent, he listened, responded to needs and didn't

rush the process - actually more interested in making sure I was making good

decisions for my situation. The company was also very flexible as we made a

couple of significant design changes to accommodate new information. They

were also very open to changing terms and conditions in the contract to align with my needs.


In the end, my system is working well, the installation was carefully and professionally done, each step of the way was explained to me and it looks great.


I would recommend Pathways Energy without reservation.

///John Hirsekorn,

Santa Rosa, CA

I am very pleased to write a review for Pathway Energy. When I started looking for solar options it was overwhelming at first with so many companies offering quotes. They all had a different approach which made things even more confusing.


That's when I contacted Solar Sonoma County the non-profit and they referred me to Barry at Pathways. What they do is such a great service and became a comfort to me. They assess the situation in a non-bias approach, pick out the best equipment in my price range and set me up with a first class quality installer. They took on my largest worries and made me it easy!


I truly feel I got the best system for the best price. And to add to that we were able to go with ALL American made solar panels & attaching hardware. I couldn't be happier and that's the truth. :))

///Richard Vaniotis

Sebastopol, CA

"Pathways Energy came highly recommended to us as a broker for alternative energy systems for our home.


We were very pleased with his knowledge and his willingness to educate us on the energy options available to us. He went out of his way to make sure we got the best system we could afford for our particular needs. 

Given the amount of paperwork and the technical details involved, I don't know how we could have done it without his help.


We highly recommend Barry as an honest and reputable person to represent the homeowner's interest in energy matters."

///Chuck & Sueann Sher, Petaluma, CA

"I knew I should replace the windows and doors in my 50+ year old house given the monetary incentives that were being offered by Sonoma County and the federal government for becoming energy efficient.


I attended the solar energy fair and met up with Pathways Energy. I worked with Barry who had the knowledge and had done the research so I didn’t have to spend my time.


Barry assisted and walked me through all the processes from hiring contractors to the paperwork for rebates.


And now I have beautiful vinyl, energy efficient windows and doors, am saving money on heating and cooling and have increased the value of my property."

///Connnie Smith, Forestville, CA

"Pathways, I've been thinking of you during these heat waves because I'm staying COOL!


Thank you for your invaluable assistance in guiding me through the SCEIP, particularly for staying 'with me' through the application process, to roof construction, solar installation and final dispursement.


I couldn't have done it without you! My 'cool roof' is keeping me 20-25 degrees cooler inside than outside and my solar panels are warming my pool enough to swim in October!


I most highly recommend you and the services you offer as well as the County for offering the Program."

///Linda Heath, Sebastolpol, CA