Fundraising with Solar

New programs make the energy industry one of the best ways to raise large sums of money without asking for donations from your group.  These programs have a time limit so book a presentation today!


Secrets of Solar

Here's the truth your mother never told you. Before going solar you need to known these behind the scenes industry secrets.


Fun in the Sun

Did you know that the sun caused the American Revolution, or that it stole another sun's planet or that the earth gets enough sun light in 40 mintes to power the world for a year? For this and many other fun and interesting facts about the sun, book this presentation today.


Choosing the Right Solar Installer

So you finally decided to save the world and a ton of money by going solar. Now what?  Who's the right one for you?  What qualifications do they need?  Where do you find the best? This informative presentation will take you step by step through making the right selection for you.


How Much Energy Do You Need?

This the single most important calculation in designing the correct system.  Unfortunately, most solar companies only look at last year's bills. Is that going to be the same in the future?  A complete energy analysis examines current energy usage, home improvements and lifestyles to calculate the right amount of energy for you.  After that, everything else is easy.


What Should It Cost You?

This is the question that everyone has and it's like asking how much a car costs.  What do you need? Sports car or SUV? Foreigh or American? Gas mileage? Warranties?

How much did you spend on electricity last year?  How much did the rate increase?  How much will they increase in the future? When you know these things you will be able to determine how much your system should cost. Ideally,  it should cost you nothing because you already pay for electricity now. Solar is just a different, cheaper way.