Boost Your Favorite Nonprofit's Fundraising by Helping Others Go Solar!

Do you have a group that needs money? This could be a church, school, nonprofit, animal shelter, little league team, booster club or any other group that needs funding.

We have a way to bring substantial funding to your group without asking members for donations. In fact, you will adding value to them and saving them money. Interested yet?

There is a program that:

When presented with the facts 90% of people want

Has a nearly 100% satisfaction rate, and

Immediately saves people money

The program, of course, is solar. Now we don't want to put solar on your church; we want to make donations to your church. We don't want to sell solar to the schools; we want to raise money for schools and help financially strapped families.

We don't need your group's money. We need to speak to your member. Remember, 90% of folks who learn the facts about solar, want it. Here's how it works.

  • After speaking to your group we will make appointments with anyone who is interested.

  • If we can't save them money by going solar we will make a donation to your group.

  • If we can save them money and they proceed we will make a donation to your group.

Either way, your group raises money!

We think this is a WIN/WIN for everyone. Does this sound like a worthwhile idea to you? Is it worth pursuing?

Let us know


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