Do You Need a Secure Power Supply? Most likely, yes!

Congratulations, you've gone solar! But will you be able to use the power the you are generating in the event of a power outage?

If you Solar PV System is tied in the grid, the short answer is no. That is unless your system is equipped with a battery back-up, which can be quite costly and less efficient. Instead consider a secure power supply.

Most residential Solar PV Systems are tied into the grid. When you system is tied into the grid, you not only use the power that your system is generating you are also sending unused power back to the grid. This is great when the grid is running smoothly but, when the grid goes down so does your ability to use the power from your system.

It's like this. Your inverter is there to convert the DC power from your solar panels into household friendly AC power, that you can use and that can be sent back to the grid for everyone else to use. In a power outage your inverter will switch itself off. This is to prevent your system from sending power to the grid. Remember, when the power goes down, there will be live persons out there working hard to get it back up as soon as possible.

Live people + live power in the lines = bad.

Enter the secure power supply. In an emergency situation like we're describing (and if it's a sunny day) this will allow to keep your fridge running, your electronics charged, your tv, radio and computer on.

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