What does energy independence really mean?

As oil prices rise, the United States declares that it wants to be free from the market constraints that foreign countries place on our ability to secure more oil. As a result, all forms of domestic energy production are now being considered, some clean, some not so clean.

As PG&E raises its electric rates, many property owners are declaring that they want to be free from the utility market. Fortunately there is a cost effective way to accomplish this. More solar electric systems are being installed in Sonoma County than ever before. People want to be in control of their financial destinies, and relying on the sun is a great way to do so. As we say in the solar business, "the sun never raises its rates!"

Once you have a solar electric system producing clean energy, you are no longer concerned when PG&E announces another rate hike. For many, the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program is a great tool to accomplish your energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. Our county will provide the upfront financing and property owners can use their energy savings to repay the county.

Energy independence also means being able to produce energy in a crisis. Imagine a huge earthquake devastates the Bay Area. Sonoma County is without electricity for months. Those with solar can easily reconfigure their solar systems to keep food cold and lights on. Think about it…clean energy at a lower price than PG&E, with the bonus of being energy independent when you just might need it most.

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