Benefits of Government Programs for Solar

Did you know that government incentives can pay 40% of the cost of going solar?

There are state rebates and federal tax credits available that make solar more affordable than ever. Combine these with the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program, and you can go solar with no money down and enjoy payments less than you pay to PG&E. These payments are fixed (unlike PG&E), meaning you can turn an unknown escalating energy cost into a known, fixed cost.

When you go solar, you improve your own bottom line and also help in the following ways: create local, green jobs; contribute to greenhouse gas reductions and better air quality; curb our dependence on foreign fuels and funding other governments who do not have our best interests at heart; and you become a shining example of doing something positive in your own neighborhood!

I ask people who have already gone solar if they are happy with their decision. They invariably give me an emphatic "YES!". Solar makes you seem smarter as time goes on, knowing you have removed yourself from the volatile energy markets and that you are your own power producer. There’s a tremendous satisfaction people receive when they make this decision. Check it out for yourself…you will be happy you did!benefits of government programs for solarbenefits of government programs for solar

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