Barry Cogbill

Founder and Principal

Barry is an accomplished and respected clean energy consultant with an outstanding record of professionalism and success in many facets of clean energy.  He is recognized for solar and energy efficiency expertise, collaboration with government and industry specialists and excellence in individualised customer service.  Barry is an active energy writer, speaker and educator.

Barry has used his own home to demonstrate the benefits of clean energy, efficiency and custom financing to drastically reduce energy consumption, heat water, generate energy from the sun and improve the health and

comfort of the dwelling.  His passion is to help others do the same with their properties. 


His experience includes solar installations, 15 years in finance and 11 years in clean energy consulting.


He has lived in Santa Rosa, CA since 1999 and spends as much time as he can with his kids and grandkids.




Daniel Lambert

Energy Consultant

Dan is knowledgeable in energy and resource conservation and solar electric (PV) systems. He met Barry Cogbill of Pathways Energy through his efforts to save energy and money at his homeowners association in Santa Rosa. Guided by Barry, this effort is now saving the association hundreds of dollars per month. Solar PV was not feasible but a number of other measures were, including upgrades to lighting, energy-saving pool pumps and requesting a change to the utility rate schedule for the HOA. 

Dan ran his own IT consulting and programming firm for over 30 years. His experience in solving difficult system issues is very applicable to solar PV and energy consulting. He is passionate about energy conservation and the need to install distributed renewable energy such as rooftop solar. He brings his experience in upgrading and replacing outdated pool equipment and lighting for his HOA to bear when working with both commercial and residential clients.

Dan is excited to solve real-world problems and to implement creative and practical energy solutions for his clients. He believes he is making the world more sustainable one rooftop at a time.