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Fundraising with solar!


Your nonprofit organization can be receiving tens of thousands of dollars from several new solar fundraising programs.


Your members can also save thousands of dollars as well, without having to spend any money upfront on a solar installation.


Urgent!!  One of the largest government donations is about to expire!

Don't miss out on $10,000's that could be coming to you.

Goal: $5 million in combined savings and fundraising!

How It Works

There are several new programs which make fundraising with solar better than ever:
1-It is now possible for nonprofits to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit.

This was not previously possible, but the tax credit is going away so act now!

2-Nonprofits can lower expenses on their properties with no out of pocket costs.  This makes donations go farther.

3-You can now get a Return On Investment and raise money by investing in other nonprofit's solar projects. We do this with crowdfunding so there is no out of pocket cost to you. You can also fund new roofs, A/C, lighting, etc by rolling the cost of those into the solar. Further you can connect with other chapters or groups to help each other both save and raise money.

4-We will make a donation when any of your members or their referrals install solar with us.   We work with several companies to save your members time and confusion.  We don't sell.  We consult.  When your members decide what they want; we find the right company and negotiate the best price for them.

You let your members know that they can receive a free energy analysis for a quality solar installation at a great price (less than PG&E, no money down!)


Our team of solar experts will provide all the support, technical advice and insights from our years of industry experience.


Once their system is installed, your organization will receive a check from us! It’s that simple.


Millions have made the switch and gone solar. They're already seeing the savings on their power bill.


We can also make our presentation, "Fundraising with Solar" to your group.


Contact us today and see how easy it is.