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PG&E My Energy Usage Registration

The easiest way to get your electricity usage is to let us do it for you.  Just download the authorization form and return it to barry(at) or we can pick it up.




  • By phone call PG&E at 800.743.5000 (when prompted hit ‘*’ then say ‘agent: previous electric use’) they will tell you your usage over the phone.

  • Include your PG&E electric and gas rate schedules (e.g. "E1-XB" or similar).

  • If applicable, Include your gas information as well




Go to, click on "New User" to Register 


If you have already registered, go ahead and login now.

PG&E My Energy Usage Registration

Step 2

Go grab a recent PG&E bill. You'll need to reference it to complete this sections.


On your bill locate your Account Number and Account Type. Enter that where asked on this page.


Complete the rest of the registration form and click "Next"

Step 3

Verify your registration information.


When all information is correct, check the box to "Accept the Terms and Conditions" and click on "Submit"

PG&E My Energy Usage Registration

Step 4

Congratulations, now that your account has been set up.


Click on "My Usage"

Step 5


Click on "Green Button"

to download your usage data

Step 6

Now you can select from a range of dates to download. Go ahead and select "Export All Bills"


Click on Export