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Pathways Solar Energy Brokers is your one-point-of-contact for receiving multiple bids from top-tier companies, always striving to provide you with a thoughtful and hassle-free installation.



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Pathways Energy is the preeminent solar broker in Northern California.  We were founded in 2009 as a brokerage in order to give clear, untainted advice about solar energy and 


We are independent

We promote solar, not any one solar company. Our focus is to help you find the solar company,equipment and financing that is right for you.

We are setting standards

Pathways  created the Qualified Vendor Program that created the high standards necessary for solar vendors to be accepted by Solar Sonoma County, a Santa Rosa, CA based non-profit.


Pathways Energy also established the Clean Energy Advocate Program for Solar Sonoma County to ensure that people could receive accurate and unbiased information about solar energy.


This experience allows us to continually evaluate and select only the most qualified solar companies for you.